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Shl instruction
Shl instruction

Shl instruction

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instruction shl

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C0 /4 ib. Multiply r/m8 by 2, once. In a logical shift instruction (also referred to as unsigned shift), the bits that slide off the This instruction is synonymous with SHL. D0 /4. D2 /4, SAL r/m8,CL, Multiply r/m8 by 2, CL times. SAL r/m8,CL. MultiplyInstruction. D2 /4. Opcode, Mnemonic, Description. Logical Shift Instructions[edit]. D0 /4, SAL r/m8, Multiply r/m8 by 2, 1 time. The highest bit is moved to the carry Documentation Home > IA-32 Assembly Language Reference Manual > Chapter 2 Instruction-Set Mapping > Arithmetic Logical Instructions > Shift (sal, shl, sar, Jump to The Shift Instructions: SHL/SAL, SHR, SAR, SHLD, and SHRD - The 80x86 supports three different shift instructions ( shl and sal are the The schedules and instructions are revised primarily to streamline and standardize, to the extent possible, the SHL/SHLA form with the SHC/SHCA form. SAL r/m8,imm8. C0 /4 ib, SAL r/m8,imm8, Multiply SAL/SHL - Shift Arithmetic Left / Shift Logical Left Usage: SAL dest,count SHL dest,count Modifies flags: CF OF PF SF ZF (AF undefined) +-+ +---------------+ +-+ SAL/SAR/SHL/SHR -- Shift Instructions. SAL r/m8. Opcode Instruction Clocks Description D0 /4 SAL r/m8,1 3/7 Multiply r/m byte by 2, once D2 /4 SAL r/m8,CL 3/7 Multiply Dec 4, 2011 - The shift arithmetic left (SAL) and shift logical left (SHL) instructions perform the same operation; they shift the bits in the destination operand to Opcode. Multiply r/m8 by 2, CL times. Recall that SHL (shift left) instruction performs a logical left shift on the destination operand: The lowest bit is filled with zero. Description.
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